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Angel reader

I channel your guardian angel (s) to give you messages. I channel the archangels to give messages. Your guardian angel (s) can give you their name to that you can start working with them. So many people want to know their guardian angel(s) name. 


I will teach you how to use the moon as a tool to create the life you want. By being aware of the lunar cycles and understand the basic principles of manifesting.


Items on my Etsy store

Things that I create

Crystal Jewelry Maker- The pictures are

of my jewelry Range from $10-$40.

Suncatchers/Prism-I use crystals for my prisms and all are one-of-a-kind pieces. $30 each

Rain sticks-made from bamboo and has multiple crystals inside for the sound. Small $40, medium $60 and large $90.

Angel Oils- I channel the Angels and they give me the oils to put together and tells me what that oil is going to help you with. Abundance angels oil, Guardian angels oil and more to come!! $25 each

Egyptian Grids- these are grids that you use crystals to make the grid. For example, one grid I have is called "remember who you are" that uses clear or smoky quartz points crystals to make it. $30 each

Rune rocks- I crave and paint rune symbols on rocks that I collect from all over!! Craved rune rocks $30 each and painted rune rocks-$10 each. Come feel the power of the Runes!!!

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