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         Healing starts with you learning how to go into your heart and work through the pain and trauma!!! Do you feel like you're searching for something to fill your life's purpose? Do you feel your incomplete? Would you like to feel better? Do you believe you have psychic abilities? Are you consumed with fear and worries? Are you looking for happiness?  If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you're ready to start a new journey of understanding your heart and healing pain and trauma and I am here to help!


         My name is Kelly Musard and I have been healing my life with metaphysics since 2016. In Oct of 2022 my whole understanding of healing myself through my heart and actually releasing the pain and trauma of my past took place! Now in 2023 I am living my best life yet!! I still have things that come up in my life, but the answers come so much easier now!  

         Here is what I have healed from: when I was a child, I was sexual abused by my uncle and then in my early teenage years I was sexual abused by my stepfather.


I had a mother that could not show me love no matter what I did for her approve. I was raised with never hearing the words "I love you."  I never got hugged as a child either. My mother was emotionally abusive and sometimes even physically abusive.


My whole life I never wanted to be here so when I was 19, I decided to end my life. I wanted to go out with a bang, so I decided to drink myself to death one night at a friend's party. I ended up in the hospital where I had an out of body experience that I could not explain minus what people would call a miracle. I do remember not have as much anger towards my mother or uncle after that night, but I was still very angry.


Then, when I was 29, I had a miscarriage, and my son became my guardian angel. This was when my life actually changed. I talked to my son daily, and he led me to a tarot deck called Guardian Angels by Doreen Virtue. This led me down the path of tarot and oracle decks. I did readings on myself daily then I started doing them for friends. The information just came so naturally to me.


Then I went through another big shift and asked my husband for a divorce. I started going deeper into metaphysics which led to a festival called "Victory of Light" where I met a lady called Mary and she did a healing session on me called Heart connection and I was so shocked that this actually healed the heavily that I had in my heart because of this amazing healing I had to go and get certified.


Then when I realized metaphysics works, I took off on the ground running. Everything I got certified in I actually went for healing and the experiences was so amazing and healing that I had to get certified in them! So, I know from experience that these services that I offer work!  Now, in 2023 I realized that you could heal anything fully by going into your heart. You can heal childhood trauma instantly!  Are you ready to fully heal? If so, I am here for you Soul friend!


I offer these services:

Tarot and Oracle card reading


Medium-I cleanse homes and businesses.

Intuitive Readings

Mirror healing

sound healing


I make and sell suncatchers, rain sticks, crystal jewelry, Angel oils, Egyptian Grid layouts, rune rocks, pendulums!!! Check out my Etsy store!

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