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I bring everything that I have learned into my Intuitive Readings!

Intuitive Readings

I scan your energy field and body to see how you think and where do you have pain/trauma in your body. I call in my guides and your guides and any departed one loves to help you heal or release anything you need.

Tarot and Oracle cards readings

Mirror healing

In this session you will pick from many different marbles, and they will go around the screen. Anything that is glass is a mirror and it reflexes energy back to you. Then you will get a mirror to look at to help release anything you need to.


Sound healing 

In this session you will get to choose your sound instruments from crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, drums, chimes, rain stick and tuning forks!!!

Getting to know your intuition


Guiding you into your heart



If you need a cleansing of your home or office, I can do that too. 


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